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I don't think there's a standard license for this, so I'll write a custom one. I think this covers everything.

The following license is for the entire website and source code of Martijn Hols, a Freelance Senior React Developer on GitHub;

You can:

  • ✅ Look through the code, learn and copy parts of it so long as it doesn't lead to a similar copy of the site
  • ✅ Fork it to fix or improve parts of my website
  • ✅ Copy any content from blog articles, under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license (same license as content on Stack Overflow) unless otherwise specified

You can't:

  • ❌ Fork or otherwise copy (large parts of) the website for (personal) use
  • ❌ Copy the layout / design, including but not limited to the color scheme, typography, layout (including the angles), animations
  • ❌ Copy content outside of blog articles

Exceptions or explicit approval may be given via email at website@martijnhols.nl.

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