How a React Tech Lead can help your organization

By Martijn Hols, a passionate Freelance React Tech Lead/Developer. About me

A React Tech Lead can be a crucial component of larger development projects. Their ability to provide guidance, make technical decisions, and establish a solid architecture can have a big impact on the velocity and overall success of a team and their ability to develop projects.

A strong foundation

One of the key responsibilities of a React Tech Lead is to establish a strong foundation for projects; the architecture. This includes determining the structure of the code, identifying the best libraries and tools to use, and establishing a clear and efficient development process. There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to software architecture, and a strong React Tech Lead will carefully take your company culture and needs into account to get the best match.

A React Tech Lead with plenty of experience in React and many of its various libraries, as well as proficiency in TypeScript, vast experience with backend systems (or Full Stack Development), and experience in many different environments is well equipped to make the required decisions to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Software foundation. Highly complex. Not everything can be perfect.

Making technical decisions

Another role of a React Tech Lead is to make the right technical decisions that advance the project, team and company as quickly as possible. This includes evaluating new technologies, choosing between different implementation options, while ensuring that the project stays on track and within scope. With a vast knowledge of React and its many libraries, as well as experience with related tools such as Next.js, Node.js, E2E testing, and GraphQL, a React Tech Lead can provide valuable insight and make informed decisions that drive the project forward.

Improving velocity

Continuously improving the effectiveness of the team is another aspect of an effective React Tech Lead. A React Tech Lead can achieve this by staying up-to-date with industry best practices with regards to development practices and project management, identifying areas for improvement, and working with the team to implement the necessary changes. By continuously collecting feedback and working to improve the Developer Experience (DX) of the entire team, a React Tech Lead can help ensure that projects runs smoothly and that the entire team is able to deliver high-quality work as quickly as possible.

Some of the areas that a React Tech Lead can help improve are:

  • Providing training and mentorship
  • Improving the developer culture
  • Improving the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) workflow
  • Code review flows
  • Improving the agile method (e.g. Scrum practices)
  • Helping with translating business/customer requests

Stable software releases

In addition to improving velocity, a React Tech Lead also understands the importance of stability. While improving the speed of development is essential, it should never come at the cost of the project's stability. A strong React Tech Lead understands that stability and speed are not mutually exclusive and works to ensure that both are given equal priority. By developing an effective testing approach and workflow, a React Tech Lead can ensure that the project remains stable throughout the development process, while also improving the overall velocity of the team. By prioritizing both stability and speed, a React Tech Lead can create a development process that is not only efficient but also produces high-quality and stable code.

Bridging the gap between Frontend and Backend

A strong React Tech Lead not only has mastery of frontend development, but also has a strong understanding of backend systems and how they interact with the frontend. This unique skill set allows them to effectively communicate with the backend team, identify potential roadblocks, and collaborate to find efficient solutions that bridge the gap between the two. By serving as a bridge between the frontend and backend teams (when applicable), a React Tech Lead can ensure that the project is integrated and functions seamlessly, leading to a successful outcome for the entire team.

A bridge between frontend and backend

A custom framework for years to come

A React Tech Lead doesn't just improve their current project, they create an architecture, set of tools, rules, and workflows that optimally fit the challenges specific to your company. A strong React Tech Lead takes the future of your company into consideration and focusses on leaving behind the tools that your teams needs to solve any problem. These tools, which includes a lot of components (e.g. a component library) and a way of working, will act as your company's own framework. With this framework, your team will be equipped to tackle any project thrown their way.


In conclusion, a React Tech Lead can be a valuable asset in improving your frontend development team. With a strong understanding of React and its many libraries, as well as experience with Node.js and other backend systems, TypeScript, GraphQL, CI/CD, E2E testing and project methodology, a React Tech Lead can work together with your team to provide valuable guidance, make technical decisions, establish a solid foundation, continuously improve project velocity, and ensure stability in development.

By investing in a React Tech Lead, a company can reap the benefits of a well-structured, efficient, and stable development process for years to come. This solid foundation will serve as a building block for future projects, and continue to accelerate your development team.

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